Sound Mind Body Exercise

Walk It Out – Research shows that physical activity is one of the best ways to keep joints in top shape as it helps maintain weight and build strength, which aids shock absorption and injury prevention. Walking and biking are two of the best exercises to maintain joint health. Focuses on core strength exercises, mixed with upper and lower body endurance exercises to create a continual intense workout, bringing your body to the next level of fitness.

Whether you’re looking to build muscle with free weights & weight machines, lose weight through cardio exercise on our stationary bikes, Stairmasters, elliptical machines & treadmills, improve your overall health to feel better & more energetic, stay healthy & fit through proper exercise, nutrition & support or become toned & flexible without the bulk. Bally Total Fitness health clubs has the answer for you. We offer personal trainers to design a program around your goals, nutritional plans to guide you towards total health & wellness as well as group exercise classes including; Step, Kwando, Bosu, Boot Camp, Pilates and more. Plus every new member receives a free 1:1 session with a personal trainer.

Works the entire body through a gentle series of yoga postures and stretches that build strength, flexibility, and balance. You’ll leave this class feeling energized and renewed. Combines the inhale and exhale of the breath with movement. This is a Hatha Yoga class that really focuses on the connection between mind & body Awareness is the key to yoga. Do what the celebrities are doing! This martial arts based yoga class is a smooth flowing and challenging format that will leave you worked and stretched. Combines strength building yoga and pilates for an unbelievable workout to build total body strength. Relaxing too.

Each exercise runs for about a minute and is followed by some deep breaths and stretching and then it’s on to another pose. According to proponents, the combination of deep breathing, “ho ho, ha ha” mantras and exercises beneficially stimulates the diaphragm, abdominal muscles and lungs and, like other forms of yoga, unites the mind and body. With laughter yoga being one of the freer forms of yoga, anyone can make up their own exercises. For more details visit


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